Text Your Site

Communication plays a vital role in the design of your website. It is essential to establish a clear connection between the website and user; it can attract users if presented the right way or it can scare them off if it lacks focus or has typos.

Think of the average reader – use clear and accessible language that everyone can understand.

Be concise – You should have around 60 characters per line if you want a good reading experience.

Don’t exhaust your visitors with long, ‘essay’ style texts. Keep it short with elegant descriptions.

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Design Logo

Always try to understand your customers first and then move on to the design.

If you are not sure what your brand is, ask yourself some questions: Is your business all about fresh, modern, innovative products? Is it about offering the cheapest prices for services in your field? Maybe it’s all about tradition, privacy, and confidentiality? Whatever your line of business is, make sure your logo represents you right.

“If you have to explain it, you’ve failed.”

A good logo works that way, too. It should be succinct, clear, and easy to understand. Land on a clever, unique idea and the design will follow suit. Graphic styles have changed and will continue to change until the end of time, but solid ideas endure.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • how do you describe your company’s services and/or products?
  • Which logos do you like?
  • What do you want your new logo to accomplish?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • Do you have any color preferences or existing brand colors?
  • Do you have a slogan, tagline, or motto? Does it need to be incorporated in the logo?
  • Which brands inspire you?

Company Name

If you haven’t yet chosen a name for your company, think about what your URL will look like. You want it to be short, easy to understand and look great online.

Choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce.

Create a list with a few possible names and run them by your friends and family – they’re sure to have some opinions to offer.

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Picture Your Site

When visiting a small business website, people naturally gravitate first towards color and imagery. These elements, more than the amount or quality of text provided, will influence their all-important first impression. A harmonious blend of images, color, and placement of content always trumps a website that looks jumbled, haphazardly composed or thrown together on the fly.

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Spend some time exploring other websites. Pay close attention to things like images, text, ease-of-use, navigation, and branding. Make a list of elements and websites you like.